A quotation from a packaging manufacturer will make you check your printing needs. You can’t get digital printing services from a manufacturer that doesn’t offer them. Thus, your choice of printing depends on what the manufacturer provides. Below is a detailed focus on the types of printing used in packaging.


It works on the principle of the immiscibility of water and oil. Printing occurs on a stone or metal plate using inks that are oil-based. This package involves rolling out plates on a press using rollers. The paper should then be placed on the press and run through by hand to enable the production of one colour at a time. This method helps to fold carton labels. Besides, it offers high print quality. It is versatile and can undergo customization to meet user needs. Also, it requires a flat print surface.


This printing method has rotating cylinders. Photopolymer printing plates wrap around them. It can work on the majority of substrates and uses semiliquid ink that is quick to dry. These inks can print on both absorbent and non-absorbent materials. Its equipment is of low cost and maintenance. Moreover, it is quite flexible as it uses both water and oil-based oils. Compared to lithography, its print quality is lower. Banding in this method is also a major setback.


This one has done away with the use of plates. Instead, it uses toner or ink. Inkjet and laser beam printers fall under this category. This method’s data capability is variable. It is used for labelling, prototyping ad folding cartons. The setup costs are meagre. In comparison to lithography, its print quality is higher. The tooling fees are also low.

For all your printing services, these are the methods to go for. Depending on preferred speed and urgency, one should select a method that works for them. It should be affordable and dependable.