There are different types of printing techniques that can work on either canvas or paper. Print types are in two broad categories: Image print types and letter print types. Image print types work with art and photography while letter print types deal with texts.

Image Print Types

For art lovers and photographers, there are several types. Rock-archive classifies several prints for images and artwork. Some of them include.

C-type Prints

C-type prints are the oldest. It is now out of use with the coming of the digital prints. C-type print are from a negative in a dark room. You then print it on a light-sensitive paper using a dye coupler print. C-type prints are for producing color photographs.

Digital Darkroom Print

Digital darkroom print is an excellent C-type print. The difference is that C-type prints use a dye coupler and light sensitive papers. Digital darkroom print uses digital computer and resin paper. Digital darkroom print produces black and white images.

Giclée Print Types

Giclée print types involves taking a negative from a digital camera and scanning it. The image appears on a coated paper.

Lenticular Print Types

Lenticular print types involve combining two images to form one using a unique lens. The product is eye-catching as it shows two images superimposed.

Iris Print Types

Iris print types involves a rotating inkjet which sprays ink on paper or canvas.

Letter Print Types

For those who calligraphy, there are several letter print types that you can use.

Thermography Printing

According to The Paper Boutique, Thermography printing involves using ink mixed with resin. The final texts appear raised.


Letterpress is the opposite of Thermography printing considering final appearance. Texts in Thermography printing appear raised. Versions in Letterpress appear pressed. It uses ink and the pressing done with the hands.

Digital Printing

Digital printing involves a digital printer. You connect a computer to a printer which uses carbon and cartridges to print texts on paper.